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If you are looking for a reliable and trusted pest control company near you, look no further than Effective Pest Solutions. If you are experiencing an emergency with rats, wasps, bedbugs, birds, or other insects or pests, our highly skilled pest technicians can help.

Our pest controllers provide prompt action; we work 24/7 and can attend to your property promptly. We can offer a one-off visit or part of a preventative pest control maintenance schedule.

Our team are all RSPH Level Two-trained and British Pest Control Association-accredited. We can provide thorough pest removal with minimal disruption to your property. We work across homes and commercial premises and are always discreet.

We are proud of our reputation with excellent reviews. We also have excellent comments on Checkatrade.com.

After a recent wasp nest removal from soffit boards, the customer commented:

EPS were able to come out at short notice and deal with a wasp nest situated in the soffit boards of our property. The work was carried out quickly, and we were given an explanation of what would be done to resolve the issue. The work also came with a guarantee in the event that the nest wasn't completely eradicated. We were very happy with the professionalism, politeness and conduct of the exterminator and would definitely use EPS in the future.

Please call our pest control team now on 07951 228 778.

Pest control FAQs

What type of properties do you provide your services for?

We provide pest control for all domestic and commercial customers.

We keep getting rat infestations. What can we do?

Our pest controllers can look at rat-proofing your property to stop rats from gaining access to your home.

I have small bites on my skin in the morning. Do I have bedbugs?

If you notice small bites on your skin, you may have a bedbug infestation. Other signs include small specks of dirt on your sheets. Our pest controllers will be able to conduct a survey and advise you.

Are your products safe for children and pets?

Yes, we use the most advanced treatments that are suitable for use in families with children and pets. We normally advise leaving the house whilst any treatment is being completed for a couple of hours.

What types of pests do your pest controllers treat?

We tackle all types of pests and pest problems, including rat and mouse infestations, removal of wasp nests, bed bug removal, bird proofing and eradication of all types of insect problems.

Pests we treat

We can deal with all types of local pest control services (and emergencies) including:

  • FleasPests Fleas
  • BeetlesPests Carpet Beetles
  • SquirrelsPests Squirrels
  • WaspsPests Wasps
  • HarlequinPests Harlequin
  • MothsClothes Moth
  • CockroachesCockroach Infestation Removal Services
  • AntsPests Ants
  • MicePests Mice
  • Bed bugsPests Bed Bugs
  • RatsPests Rats

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Bed bug control in New Haw

Located in the Runnymede district of Surrey, Addlestone and New Haw are attractive and desirable residential areas. Addlestone is known for its vibrant community, whereas New Haw is smaller and more peaceful. Both areas are near the River Thames and attractive green spaces.

Identifying and eradicating bedbugs can be a challenge. Their flat bodies enable them to conceal themselves in the smallest crevices, often lurking in mattresses and furniture joints. These nocturnal pests feed on skin and blood and can cause irritating bites.

Our professional pest controllers can eradicate all bedbugs infestations. We will use the best and most appropriate treatments to get rid of them.

Insect removal and treatment Addlestone

Vermin control and rat removal in Addlestone, KT15

Rats are troublesome pests which can pose a real health hazard, transmitting various diseases to humans through their bites, scratches, and droppings. Although not typically found indoors, they are attracted to areas where food is stored, and they can create nests in areas such as beneath floorboards, in roof cavities, and drainage or sewer systems.

We boast extensive expertise in managing rat infestations. Our discreet rat removal methods are tailored to the situation, and we can always ensure effective treatment.

Wasp control and wasp nest removals in Addlestone

With years of industry experience, our wasp control technicians can identify, locate, and eliminate wasps and wasp nests. If you’ve seen an unusual amount of wasp activity around your home or garden, it is very important not to attempt any wasp nest removal.

If you manage to pinpoint the nest – whether it’s in the attic, wall awning or eave space – do not agitate the wasps. Provoking the nest could lead to territorial behaviour and aggressiveness. Our pest controllers can address the issue on your behalf.

Insect removal and treatment Addlestone
Insect removal and treatment Addlestone

Addlestone discreet commercial pest control

Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment is essential for commercial businesses, particularly in the food sector, to safeguard staff and the general public. We can swiftly identify the infestations leading to your company and implement the most effective strategies to eliminate pests from your workplace completely.

We utilise top products and methods tailored to your specific needs. We will aim to complete all jobs with minimal disruption, allowing your day-to-day business operations to continue seamlessly. Please see our pest control FAQs.

Experts in bird proofing and bird control in Addlestone

Birds gathering around your property can not only drag down the reputation of your premises and your business's appeal but can also cause damage and be a health hazard.

We provide prompt bird proofing and control, including nets, wires, and spikes. We can survey your premises and provide the best solutions.

Insect removal and treatment Addlestone

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We also offer pest control Belmont.

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