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Moths can be tiresome pests to have in your home. Whilst the majority of moths species are harmless, they can cause a lot of damage. The common clothes moth, in particular, can be extremely destructive and damage clothing, household furnishings, and carpets. Therefore if you have a significant infestation, it should always be dealt with by the professionals.

Our pest control specialists have removed pests from homes and businesses throughout the local areas for many years. We can remove moths using safe, targeted and environmentally-friendly products that have great success rates

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Moth Pest Control

Do you have problems with moths?

Does your wardrobe have some unwelcome guests? Moths can lay up to 650 eggs at one time, so if you notice moths flying around your property, the chances are that you have an issue in your home. There are many types of moths, but three main types that cause problems.

  • Clothes Moth: These are a straw colour and do not have markings. They are around six to eight millimetres long. Their larvae can grow to 10 millimetres, and they have cream-coloured bodies and brown heads. They can damage clothes and other household fabrics.
  • Brown House Moth: These moths are eight to fourteen millimetres long and have a dark body with three to four spots. Larvae can grow to around 20 millimetres, and their bodies are almost white with brown heads.
  • White Shouldered House Moth: These moths are six to 10 millimetres long and have white heads and mottled wings. Their larvae can grow to around 12 millimetres, and they have a cream-coloured body and a red-brown head.

The larvae damage fabrics because certain materials contain a special protein they use as nutrition. They chew through materials and leave behind faeces. Whilst they will not cause damage to your health, they can destroy clothing, so it is important to deal with any moth infestation quickly. Eggs are laid in dark and dry spaces, such as wardrobes and cupboards.

Moth Extermination Surrey

Specialist moth treatments

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Here at Effective Pest Control, we can provide effective moth treatments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As well as providing immediate treatments, we can advise you about moth prevention.

Sometimes people attempt to deal with moths using DIY treatments, but we always advise calling in a professional pest removals company. They breed rapidly and camouflage themselves, so they are sometimes not very easy to spot, and professional chemicals can ensure complete eradication.

All work is carried out to the highest standards for competitive prices.

Before starting any treatment, we will complete a detailed survey and then produce a report to show our findings, along with costs and recommendations.

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