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Are you looking for a fly control expert near you? Flies are around us all the time but if you have a full-blown flu infestation in your home or commercial property, call in the pest control experts. Not only can it be distressing to be surrounded by flies, but they are a potential health hazard because they spread diseases, such as e-coli.

We are fly control experts who can remove flies from your property for good. There are estimated to be around 240,000 fly species in the UK, and the common house fly is believed to be one of the most prevalent insects on the planet. Other common species include house flies, cluster flies, greenbottles, and bluebottles.

Our staff is fully qualified to RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management, and we can carry out a survey and issue you with a detailed report and estimated costs for removal.

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Fly pest control services

Do you have a fly infestation?

Flies can cause a serious nuisance and pose a threat to humans and pets. They feed on decomposing matter, including food waste, excrement, and sewage, and spread diseases and bacteria, including E-Coli, typhoid, and Salmonella. We can guarantee fly control treatment that will provide a long-term solution.

Signs that you may have a fly infestation include:

  • Large numbers of flies: The most obvious sign of a fly infestation is seeing clusters of flies indoors. Look for dead files inside, such a large number of bluebottles.
  • Maggots and larvae: You may be able to spot larvae and maggots. These will mature into flies in around ten days.
  • Black dots: If you see large numbers of black dots, this could be a sign of cluster flies. These can be particularly problematic because they gather in large numbers, and once these flies get into your home, they can be harder to remove than other fly species.
  • Buzzing: Flies can be detected via the distinctive sound of buzzing.
Fly removal services

Specialist fly treatments

Fly exterminators Surrey

Flies can be persistent; in many cases, a can of fly spray and a fly swatter will not be enough to remove them. Here at Effective Pest Control, we can get rid of flies in several ways. During an initial survey, we will be able to identify the species and work out the best course of treatment.

Treatments include fumigation and fogging, as well as insecticides. Our methods are always safe and highly effective, and we work quickly to cause as little disruption as possible.

We can give you comprehensive advice about how to prevent future fly infestations, which includes removing all food waste and rubbish that could act as a potential fly breeding ground.

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