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Effective Pest Control has been helping residential and commercial customers in Clapham, Battersea, or Wandsworth get rid of their rodent infestations, insect infestations, wasps’ nests, and bird problems for many years.

Our experienced pest controllers work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is no pest control problem we do not know how to deal with effectively. All of our pest extermination technicians are trained to the highest standard and hold the RSPH Level 2 Award in pest management.

You can hire us for any type of pest control issue from a one-off residential job, such as the removal of a wasps’ nest or bed bug infestation, right through to ongoing commercial contract work.

Our local pest controllers always offer fair and transparent quotes and can provide a quick and free pest control survey at any time, along with advice about pest issues.

  • Domestic pest control: Are you fed up with sharing your property with insects or rodents? Are bed bugs making your life a misery? Our pest exterminators provide quick and effective solutions for all residential pest issues. We can be with you fast and provide same-day visits, subject to availability.
  • Commercial pest control: Having a pest problem in a commercial environment can be expensive and will damage your reputation. We can provide a complete range of pest extermination services and work across all commercial sectors. We can complete work out-of-hours and are always discreet.

For more details about how we can help you with pest issues, please call 07951 228 778.

Pest control FAQs

How soon can you come out to deal with my pests?

We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will aim to be with you as quickly as we can to solve your pest problem.

How are pests getting into my house?

There are many ways that pests can access your property. Insects such as ants and even mice can get through small cracks and crevices looking for food, and rats may live in your drainage system. Before completing any treatment, our pest controllers will inspect your property and pinpoint problem areas that might need to be sealed or further investigation.

What types of pests do your pest controllers treat?

We tackle all types of pests and pest problems, including rat and mouse infestations, removal of wasp nests, bed bug removal, bird proofing and eradication of all types of insect problems.

Are all insects pests?

No, there are many insects that form an important part of our ecosystem. Our pest controllers will only treat the ones that could be a threat to our customers and their properties.

What are your working hours?

We know that pest problems can occur at any time, so our pest controllers are available seven days a week.

What type of properties do you provide your services for?

We provide pest control for all domestic and commercial customers.

Do I need pest control in winter?

Yes. Our pest controllers work across all seasons and pests, such as rats, can be particularly problematic when it is cold and they are looking for shelter. If you notice signs of pests, please call our pest controllers.

Pests we treat

We can deal with all types of pest control (and pest emergencies) including:

  • MothsClothes Moth
  • FleasPests Fleas
  • BeetlesPests Carpet Beetles
  • AntsPests Ants
  • Bed bugsPests Bed Bugs
  • CockroachesCockroach Infestation Removal Services
  • WaspsPests Wasps
  • HarlequinPests Harlequin
  • RatsPests Rats
  • SquirrelsPests Squirrels
  • MicePests Mice

Reliable rodent control and mouse proofing near Battersea

Rodents, such as mice and rats can cause real problems for homeowners, tenants and commercial property managers throughout Battersea, Clapham, or Stockwell. If you want to get your rodent problem sorted out quickly and efficiently, our professional rat catchers can always help.

The problems caused by rodents include the spread of diseases, parasites and viruses and damage to buildings through the gnawing of pipes and cables. Our experienced pest controllers will complete a full survey to assess the extent of the problem, the rodent species and how we can best provide a long-term solution to keep rodents out. We will then agree on a suitable extermination process to suit your situation.

Our experienced pest controllers will always consider non-fatal methods first and all treatments are safe for families, animals and the environment. We can provide advice about the future about preventing rodent problems and will provide any follow-up treatments until your problem has been completely solved.

Insect removal and treatment Clapham

Do you have an insect infestation in Clapham? Let our insect removers deal with it

Whether you are a domestic or a commercial property owner with an insect infestation, we can help. Our pest extermination specialists can remove all ants, bed bugs, moths, flies, fleas, cockroaches, and other problematic insects.

With our vast experience, we can help remove your insect problem for good. The longer you wait to tackle the infestation issue, the bigger it will become.

We use environmentally-safe insecticides and depending on the severity of the insect infestation problem, this might require several applications to eradicate the problem from your property for good. We can also offer advice about insect proofing.

SW4 pest exterminators: We remove wasps’ nests fast

We deal with all insects and other pests in Clapham, including moths, beetles, cockroaches, flies, fleas, ants, wasps, bees, moths, hornets, bed bugs, and birds. Whether you are in a residential or commercial environment, call our professional insect removers.

Wasps can be a real nuisance and they are particularly active in the summer months from July to September. At some times, there may be between 5000 to 10,000 workers in the nest.

Wasps’ nests are frequently found in cavity walls, roof eaves, outhouses and other locations around homes and commercial premises. They can be very aggressive if disturbed and may attack. Wasp stings are painful and some people are allergic to them.

Always seek the services of professional pest control specialists to remove wasps’ nests because we have all the correct tools and equipment to deal with any nest safely. We pride ourselves on quality, speed, and customer service.

Our pest removal technicians will be able to provide a no-obligation survey to locate any wasps’ nests and carry out fast and bespoke removal treatments. We have been carrying out wasp nest removals and wasp treatments for many years, so if you have a nest forming or are suffering from wasp attacks, contact us to help.

Our success is built on our friendly and tailored approach to our work. Please see our glowing reviews on and Google reviews.

Local pest control services

Get rid of pests from your home or business in:-

  • Carshalton
  • Kenley
  • Purley
  • Sanderstead
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Reasons to use our pest control company in Clapham


If you are sharing your home with unwanted pests, our domestic pest services provide complete pest eradication solutions.


We can protect business and commercial premises from the threat of pests and provide long-lasting pest-proofing solutions.

Landlords & Estate Agents

We can liaise with landlords, tenants, and estate agents to solve any issues with pests.


All pest technicians are RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management qualified


We hold £5million Public Liability Insurance


Prompt and friendly service and will always get back to enquiries quickly.

Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment and use safe chemicals where possible.


Pest control services at highly competitive prices


Highly recommended on Checkatrade and TrustaTrader.

For emergency 24/7 pest control in Clapham, call our local pest control company

Call our friendly pest infestation experts in Clapham on 07951 228 778 or email and we are happy to help. We are fully accredited and qualified to help.

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