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Are you searching for qualified cockroach removal specialists near you? Our pest controllers understand that finding cockroaches in your home or commercial premises can be highly distressing.

These insects are well-known carriers of several harmful diseases, including dysentery, salmonella, and gastro-enteritis. Their droppings are also linked to issues with asthma and eczema.

Cockroaches are incredibly versatile and robust, and they breed quickly, making professional cockroach control essential if you have an infestation. Our pest control specialists use many powerful products and techniques to quickly banish cockroaches from any type of property with minimal disruption.

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Cockroaches like hot and humid conditions, and they are most commonly seen in bathrooms and kitchens. They are primarily nocturnal, so they can sometimes go unnoticed.

There are 4600 species of cockroaches found across the world but two main types that can be found in the UK:

  • Common cockroaches: Sometimes called the Oriental Cockroach, these are 20 to 24millimetres long. They are shiny black or brown, and males have small wings on their backs, but they do not fly.
  • German cockroaches: These are light yellowy-brown and oval in shape. They are around 10 to 15 millimetres long and have two dark stripes on their thorax.

Aside from seeing cockroaches on your property, other signs that you could have a cockroach problem include seeing droppings. These are around two to three millimetres long. You may also notice smear marks from where they have been walking or climbing or an unpleasant odour, that many people describe as musty or oily. You may also see oval-shaped egg cases in and around any infested area, as well as shed skins. This is because cockroaches go through five to eight development stages where they use their skins.

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Many people stamp on cockroaches, but this is a mistake because if the cockroach is carrying eggs, this will disperse them and lead to a more significant infestation. Cockroaches can also last without food for three months and water for a month, so they are extremely tough.

There are DIY removals methods, but none of these is strong enough to get rid of a cockroach infestation. Our cockroach removal experts will be able to provide a more comprehensive approach. We use cutting-edge chemicals and equipment to treat the whole area to eliminate all cockroaches and eggs.

Once we have identified the correct species and level of infestation, we can get around to clearing. We often use an integrated approach to ensure the best results with minimal disruption. We can then advise you on how to prevent cockroach infestations in the future.

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