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At Effective Pest Solutions, we take great pride in delivering skilled, fast and responsive pest control services. We cater to households and businesses, and our pest controllers are available 24/7/365.

Our pest control technicians are trained to RSPH Level Two levels and can address all common nuisances, including rats, mice, bed bugs, flying insects, wasps, birds, flies, spiders, cockroaches, woodworm, and other pests. Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial, or food establishment, we can eliminate all pests.

We employ state-of-the-art pest control techniques and will always cater to the specific requirements of individual customers. We ensure an honest and transparent approach at all times.

We come with excellent reviews on our site and One recent customer said:

Highly recommend. Always arrived on time, very professional and reliable. We'd been hearing lots of scampering noises in the attic early in the mornings - phoned up and Kush explained the process properly, so we knew what to expect. Came out ASAP and set traps, etc. Happy to say the culprit was caught quickly; Kush went above and beyond and even sealed off the access point to prevent future unwanted visitors. Thank you!

Would you like to book an appointment with our local pest controllers? Please call us now on 07951 228 778.

Pest control FAQs

How soon can you come out to deal with my pests?

We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will aim to be with you as quickly as we can to solve your pest problem.

Do you offer a same-day service?

Yes, we are local and will try to offer a same-day service, with appointment times to suit you. Sending one of our pest control experts to your property will be our priority.

Do I need pest control in winter?

Yes. Our pest controllers work across all seasons and pests, such as rats, can be particularly problematic when it is cold and they are looking for shelter. If you notice signs of pests, please call our pest controllers.

Do you offer commercial pest control?

Yes, we provide all commercial pest control and prevention services. We work across all commercial sectors, including offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, and other locations.

Can I carry out pest control myself?

There are DIY treatments available, but many are ineffective. Our pest controllers will vastly increase the chances of a successful treatment.

Pests we treat

We can deal with all types of local pest control services (and emergencies) including:

  • FleasPests Fleas
  • MothsClothes Moth
  • Bed bugsPests Bed Bugs
  • CockroachesCockroach Infestation Removal Services
  • BeetlesPests Carpet Beetles
  • SquirrelsPests Squirrels
  • AntsPests Ants
  • MicePests Mice
  • WaspsPests Wasps
  • RatsPests Rats
  • HarlequinPests Harlequin

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Bed bug control in Bourne End

Bourne End and Hemel Hempstead are neighbouring Hertfordshire towns known for their rich history and scenic landscapes. We can protect local properties from the risks of bed bugs, including comprehensive bedbug control.

If you are experiencing bothersome bites when you wake up or notice rust-coloured spots on your bedding, you may be experiencing a bed bug infestation. Bedbugs in your living space are not a sign of uncleanliness or poor hygiene. They often just hitch a ride on clothing or bedding.

Insect removal and treatment Hemel Hempstead

Vermin controllers and rat catchers in Hemel Hempstead, KT22

Do you need pest controllers for rat control? We provide fast, professional, and affordable rat eradication. There are millions of rats in urban areas. They carry diseases such as salmonella, Weil’s disease and Leptospirosis and cause damage to properties, such as chewing through wires. They will also reproduce rapidly.

We will deliver all rat eradication and prevention services to remove rats and prevent them from gaining entry to your property. We aim to provide our services at competitive prices.

Wasp nest removals in Hemel Hempstead

Our team is committed to carrying out fast wasp nest removals to eliminate wasps on your property. Expertly trained, our team can perform these removals with minimal risk to ourselves and our customers.

They commonly build their nests in roof eaves and attic spaces and can become aggressive if threatened. Our staff has all the right equipment and clothing to ensure fast removals. We will provide a survey to provide the best solutions.

Please see our blog: Removing bees and wasps from your property – a basic guide.

Insect removal and treatment Hemel Hempstead
Insect removal and treatment Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead commercial pest control

Our proficient team can provide complete commercial pest control solutions to help businesses grappling with pest issues or those that wish to prevent pest problems from occurring.

Our comprehensive approach not only involves eliminating pests and other disturbances, but we can evaluate the premises to identify the root causes and avert further occurrences. Our clients can feel rest assured that their property will undergo complete decontamination and receive long-term protection.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a minor infestation or a more significant pest issue, we can help. We help a range of commercial businesses, including healthcare, food production, education, public and local authorities, retail, and hospitality sectors, among others.

Bird control in Hemel Hempstead

Do you need local bird proofing? We provide complete bird control and bird proofing. This includes bird spiking, netting, and wires to prevent birds like pigeons from nesting or using window ledges, roofs, and loft spaces for nesting.

Bird droppings can carry diseases and ruin business reputations. We have a wealth of experience in decontamination and proofing.

Insect removal and treatment Hemel Hempstead

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For affordable pest control services, please call 07951 228 778 or email

We also offer bedbug extermination Guildford.

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