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Complete range of pest control solutions and treatments for rats, bedbugs, wasps and other pests in Horsham, Smallwater, or nearby areas

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced pest control technicians. We are dedicated to providing all domestic and commercial customers with the best possible service.

Our pest controllers have a wide range of experience in all pest control and are proud members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). We are trained to RSPH Level Two and follow stringent health and safety guidelines.

Our pest controllers can tackle all pests, including rats, mice, rats, hornets, ants, moths, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, woodlice, silverfish, squirrels and bed bugs.

We understand how distressing a pest problem can be, and we work 24 hours a day to ensure your pest issue is dealt with as quickly as possible. We can provide free surveys at any time and arrange a free survey to assess your pest problem. Our pest controllers can provide the best treatment plan to eliminate the problem.

We come well-reviewed on Google and After we removed moths from a property recently, the customer said:

These guys made a very stressful situation so straightforward! We had an awful infestation of fabric moths in our flat, which we couldn’t deal with on our own. The EPS guys were prompt with attending and so professional and reassuring in getting this dealt with ASAP. I literally could not be happier with the professionalism and service provided.

For more details about our discreet pest control services, please call 07951 228 778.

Pest control FAQs

What types of pests do your pest controllers treat?

We tackle all types of pests and pest problems, including rat and mouse infestations, removal of wasp nests, bed bug removal, bird proofing and eradication of all types of insect problems.

Are all insects pests?

No, there are many insects that form an important part of our ecosystem. Our pest controllers will only treat the ones that could be a threat to our customers and their properties.

Do you offer commercial pest control?

Yes, we provide all commercial pest control and prevention services. We work across all commercial sectors, including offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, and other locations.

What type of properties do you provide your services for?

We provide pest control for all domestic and commercial customers.

How much do your pest control services cost?

The cost of our pest controller services will depend on the scale of the problem and the nature of the infestation. After any survey, which is always free of charge, we can provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

Pests we treat

We can deal with all types of local pest control services (and emergencies) including:

  • Bed bugsPests Bed Bugs
  • SquirrelsPests Squirrels
  • RatsPests Rats
  • BeetlesPests Carpet Beetles
  • CockroachesCockroach Infestation Removal Services
  • FleasPests Fleas
  • MicePests Mice
  • MothsClothes Moth
  • WaspsPests Wasps
  • AntsPests Ants
  • HarlequinPests Harlequin

Pest control service near you in Horsham

Five-star bed bug control in Southwater

Horsham and Southwater are based in West Sussex. Horsham is a historic market town, known for its rich heritage and architecture. Southwater is more tranquil and known for Southwater Country Park.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK and can be stressful for home and commercial property owners. This problem cannot be ignored because bedbugs can spread quickly within properties and travel from place to place on clothing and soft furnishings. They feed on human skin. We can provide expert bedbug control.

Insect removal and treatment Horsham

Reliable rat control in Horsham, RH12

Rats are one of the most problematic pests that you can encounter. They are prolific breeders and carry diseases. They can also cause a lot of damage to property by gnawing through pipes and wires.

If you notice a rat or vermin infestation, dealing with it as quickly as possible is important. Signs of rat infestations include signs of droppings, scratching noises, and holes in walls that could act as possible entry points.

Our rat catchers and vermin controllers will provide expert rat control and removal. We can also offer vermin proofing advice and methods.

Affordable wasp nest removals in Horsham

A large number of people fear wasps because they can cause painful stings and can become aggressive when they feel threatened. These pests can make nests around your home and commercial property, presenting a significant number of issues.

Our qualified professionals can provide fast and effective wasp nest removals at an affordable cost. We are fully qualified to deal with all wasp issues. We can also advise about bee removal and work with local beekeepers.

Insect removal and treatment Horsham
Insect removal and treatment Horsham

Horsham commercial pest control

We offer a specialist range of commercial pest control services to businesses within all industries. From food preparation to schools or educational premises, we will ensure the problem is dealt with swiftly so you do not suffer any loss of revenue or reputation.

We can advise you on pest prevention and control to identify and eliminate pest problems before they become an issue.

Fast bird proofing in Horsham

Birds like pigeons are becoming an increasing problem in the UK. Our bird proofing team will work with you to establish the best methods to stop birds from roosting or nesting near you. This includes products such as spikes and nets.

No job is too big or small for our team. Please read our blog: Winter pest control services.

Insect removal and treatment Horsham

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