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Effective Pest Solutions are leading bird control and prevention experts. We work with domestic and commercial customers to provide them with tailored solutions to achieve the best results.

We use various methods, and due to our expertise and knowledge, we can provide a fast, reliable, and professional bird control solution.

While pigeons and seagulls prompt most of our enquiries, we can remove all types of birds from your property safely and humanely. We always follow legislation set out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). If you are experiencing a bird problem, it is essential to seek advice and assistance from pest control professionals.

  • Safe and trusted bird control and prevention
  • Different methods used, including bird wire, bird netting, and bird spikes
  • No call-out charge and advice offered at any time

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Bird Prevention Spikes

Bird control

We understand that birds such as pigeons and seagulls can be a source of annoyance. They can often build their nests in sheltered spaces like flat roofs, ledges, roof eaves, and loft spaces. Any gap larger than 25mm could be an entry point for a pigeon.

What problems do birds cause?

  • They cause a mess and can cause damage to the structure of your property by blocking gutters and dislodging roof tiles.
  • Birds can nest under solar panels, damaging the investment.
  • They deface buildings with their guano, making the pathways and entrances below slippery and unsafe to walk on.
  • The build-up of guano can also cause horrible smells.
  • Insects, such as fleas, bird mites, and textile beetles, can also be attracted to their nests and roosting sites.
  • Birds can spread several diseases, including e-Coli, Salmonella, and Ornithosis.
  • Young birds can be noisy and will cry constantly.
  • Birds can cause damage to your business reputation and become an eyesore.
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How can we get rid of birds?

Different methods are used to remove birds, and our qualified team can advise you on the best options for your property. We would always advise against DIY removal, which will not only be dangerous but probably prove ineffective.

Bird wire

Bird wire is often used on flat surfaces and is one of the most effective ways of stopping pigeons and gulls from roosting on the ledges of tall buildings. The wire is located at different heights to create an unstable area that birds will avoid. We can provide a post and wire system that is long-lasting and weatherproof.

Bird netting

Pigeon netting is one of the most popular ways of protecting your property against feral birds. These nets are versatile and can cover roof spaces, eaves, canopies, building frontages, and other areas popular with birds.

Bird spikes

This intensive bird-proofing method features fine stainless steel pins that can be attached to the building to stop birds from roosting. They will not impact the structure of the building because no drilling is required to attach them. They also will not cause harm to birds.

Solar panel pigeon meshing

If you have birds nesting under your solar panels, we can provide specially designed solar panel meshing or netting to deter birds and stop them from settling.

Bird trapping

This is a humane way of removing birds by enticing them into traps, providing a compassionate approach to capture. As a result, we can quickly and affectively remove a large number of birds from your premises.

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