Pigeon Pest Control & Bird Proofing

Do you have problematic pigeons roosting or nesting on your property? Sometimes called ‘rats with wings’, pigeons are considered pests because they can cause a huge amount of damage to buildings. They are also vectors of diseases including listeria, E-Coli, and ornithosis. Bird droppings will also build up and lead to expensive cleaning costs for residential and commercial customers. Costs will rise if they are left.

Our pest control specialists can offer a wide variety of pigeon control and pigeon proofing for your property. Our methods are always safe and humane. In addition, we can determine what is attracting pigeons to your property, the level of infestation, and the affected areas so that we can provide a comprehensive plan.

We can remove pigeons from all types of buildings, including houses, garages, warehouses, commercial properties, monuments, and others.

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Local Pigeon pest contol

Do you have a pigeon problem?

How can you assess if a flock of pigeons is setting up a home on your property? Once common on farm properties, pigeons are increasingly prevalent in urban areas.

The feral pigeon is a descendent of the rock dove, and they often nest on sills and ledges and in roof spaces, gutters, empty containers, and rooftops. Bird infestations can lead to chimney fires, damaged roofs and solar panels, blocked gutters, and corrosion. As well as causing a mess that is hard to clean, bird guano can have a lasting effect on decks, cars, and exterior painting.

Signs of a pigeon infestation include:

  • The sight of lots of birds on roofs and edges
  • Loud bird noises
  • Nests and nesting materials
  • Horrible smells
  • Damage to your property
  • Bird guano or droppings


Help with Pigeons

Humane bird removal

 pest controllersPigeon

We take a humane approach to all our pigeon removals. Our methods are proven to be safe and effective.

We never recommend DIY bird control due to diseases associated with some species. We can review your requirements and advise on the best form of pigeon removal or deterrent.

This can include spiking, where steel spikes are fixed to a plastic base to prevent birds from landing, netting, where nylon nets are used to exclude birds from certain areas, and solar panel meshing, where the mesh is affixed to the outside of your solar panels. One of the best ways to deter birds is by getting rid of food sources.

We have established a first-class reputation for providing professional and comprehensive pigeon control. We can provide you with advice and assistance at any time.

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