How to prevent a moth infestation this spring

Moths are some of the most tiresome pests to encounter in your property. While they’re largely harmless, they can cause damage if left to spread. For example, clothes moths are particularly destructive, permanently damaging fabrics, furnishings, curtains and carpets by leaving holes in them. Prevention is always better than cure, so there are things you can do to stop a moth infestation.

Do you want to prevent a moth control issue this spring? Follow these top tips.

How To Prevent A Moth Infestation This Spring

Moth-proof your property

Have you noticed an influx of moths in your home? Unfortunately, they can lay up to 650 eggs at a time and often remain undetected by camouflaging themselves, so moth infestations can easily happen.

While you may worry about moths coming in through open windows in the warmer weather, they don’t actually like rooms with too much airflow and sunlight. The most damage occurs in dark spaces where eggs and larvae will be hidden from view, like in wardrobes where stored fabrics and materials aren’t cleaned or washed regularly.

Therefore, one of the simplest ways to prevent moth infestations is by identifying vulnerable items and giving them a thorough clean, including regular vacuuming of carpets and upholstery. Don’t forget to wipe over any fabrics with crevices that moths can settle in, including suitcases.

Protect your clothes

If you’ve identified items that moths may be attracted to, like unused clothes in wardrobes, why not store certain items in vacuum-packed bags while you’re not wearing them?

For example, at the end of winter, gather up all your thick woollen clothes and jumpers that aren’t needed until the end of the year and store them neatly away in sealed bags. This will also create more room in your wardrobe, helping you identify moth issues more easily and deter them from settling in well-ventilated spaces.

For clothes that remain in your wardrobe, use cedar wood hangers or rings to repel moths, as they don’t like the smell. Other strong essential oils like lavender can also deter them.

Use professional pest controllers

Unfortunately, once an infestation takes hold, it’s very hard to eradicate all moths, larvae and eggs without further treatments. If you’ve noticed a moth problem in your home, always call in the professionals for quick, easy and long-lasting solutions.

Pest controllers are happy to come and assess what’s happening and apply fast moth removal treatments. They can also inspect your home for entry points and tell you the best ways to stop the issue from recurring.

Got a moth problem? Speak to our team

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