Wasps and Bees

Wasp & Bumblebee Nests treatment-  £70 (+vat)

Wasps Nests

Removing a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest and young.

To get rid of wasps you do 'not' need to remove the nest, but you do need to treat it and the nesting wasps. To reduce the risk of stings to you and your family, arrange for a professional wasp nest treatment. This effective solution will eliminate the wasps and keep you safe from the threat of stings.


Bumblebees are less likely to sting than honeybees and wasps are. However, disturbing the nest can make them behave defensively, and precautions should be taken to prevent stings occurring.

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Honey Bee

There are over 250 types of bees in the UK but there is only one european honey bee (Apis mellifera). ... Bees are endangered but they are not protected
We are against the extermination of Honey Bees and advise you contact the local Bee Keeper by clicking the tab below