Moth, Flies and Ants

Common Clothes Moths

Although clothes moths don’t negatively affect your health in the way that many public health pests do, they can be a serious pest causing damage to carpets, furniture and clothing which is made of natural fabrics such as wool and silk. The damage is actually caused by the larvae (caterpillars) of the moth, resulting in holes appearing where the carpets or clothing have been eaten. The damage is irreversible, sometimes causing ruination of treasured possessions and expensive replacement costs. Clothes moths have caused the destruction of irreplaceable and priceless items such as an old teddy bear, a wedding dress, or a historic museum piece.

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Flies have been a nuisance insect for thousands of years. They affect human welfare because they can transmit diseases. A fly can mature from egg to adult in as few as ten days.

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These ants are regarded as a nuisance and scavenge in kitchens, garbage and also dog excrement, therefore potentially spreading diseases such as salmonella. The most effective control measure is to find the colony and treat it.

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