Why use rat blockers for your drains?

Unwelcome pests are a frustrating part of being a property owner. One of the worst recurring problems we see is rats, affecting both homes and businesses alike. A common entry point for rodents is through drain pipes, but can you do anything to stop them?

Rat Blockers For Drains

At Effective Pest Solutions, we use these fantastic Rat Blockers for clients having this pest issue, seeing instant and long-lasting results.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why do drains attract rats?

While every property needs a drainage system, they can prove attractive to rodents. Unfortunately, drains offer rats easy access to shelter, food, and water, while providing a dark and secluded environment where they can nest and breed. Living within drain pipes also provides readily available food sources for rats when waste and debris appear in the system.

Additionally, gaps and openings in the pipes give rats further opportunity to enter buildings, risking an unhygienic and unhealthy environment. If you leave rat infestations unchecked, it can lead to property damage, contamination of food and water sources, and the spread of disease.

What’s the best way to stop rats from coming up your drain pipes?

We’ve used lots of tricks over the years to banish rats from accessing properties via drain pipes, but we’ve found that installing Rat Blockers is the most effective.

These devices are specifically designed to block rats from entering drain systems while wastewater can still flow freely. Rat Blockers come in various shapes and sizes (4 or 6 inch) for different drain configurations, making them suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

In addition to installing rat blockers for drains, maintaining good hygiene practices and regular drain maintenance can help deter rodents from coming near your property. Proper waste disposal, sealing gaps around pipes, and keeping outdoor areas clean and clutter-free also reduce the likelihood of a rat problem.

How do rat drain blockers work?

Rat drain blockers use a simple and effective mechanism to stop rats from entering your property’s drain pipes. These specialist products are made of durable and gnaw-resistant stainless steel, installed within the drain system at strategic locations.

The Rat Blockers we use have a hinged double gate mechanism with spikes that opens for wastewater to pass through freely while blocking the passage of rats and other vermin. The products even have adjustable widths for the perfect fit.

And, if there are any rats already inside the system, they can still get out without being able to return. This offers a permanent rat prevention system.

Are rat blockers worth it?

We’ve found rat blockers for drains are well worth it, offering permanent protection from rat infestations at your property. This has been a lifeline for many of our customers with recurring rat issues, especially cafés and restaurants.

The rat blockers we use are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, reliable and provide a long-term solution to keep rats out of your property, reducing the risk of infestation and associated problems. By investing in rat blockers, you can preserve the integrity of your drainage infrastructure and maintain a hygienic environment.

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