Effective Pest Solutions is now a BPCA member

If you’ve found a pest problem at your home or business property, you want to know the company you hire has proper experience and training. There are lots of different credentials you may see mentioned by pest controllers, so it’s useful to know more about recognised certificates and memberships in this industry.

As a dedicated pest control specialist, Effective Pest Solutions is proud to announce we’re now a BPCA member. But what does this mean, and what else should you look out for when hiring a professional pest controller? Here’s everything you need to know.Bpca Member Logo

What is BPCA membership?

BPCA is the British Pest Control Association, and they give membership to UK professionals in the industry. The BPCA has some of the most stringent criteria, assessing companies across multiple categories, such as health and safety practices, pest services offered, compliance with British Standards for pest management, insurance and vehicles, to name a few. No other scheme provides customers with such a depth of assurance.

Once a pest controller becomes a member, the BPCA also provides ongoing support to help them continue to meet the necessary professional standards, including technical pest control advice and resources.

Why choose a BPCA-accredited pest control company?

The BPCA sets the pest control industry standards, so when hiring a member, you know the service they carry out complies with the highest criteria. It should reassure you that the pest controller has good experience and the right qualifications while continuing their professional development.

The nature of pest control means you need to know the company you hire is meeting the right health and safety standards. This isn’t just to keep them safe while they work, but you and anyone else in your property too. For example, in some situations, they may need to use dangerous chemicals, baits or poisons, so they must know how to handle, use and dispose of toxic substances safely.

Questions to ask when hiring a professional pest controller

Always ask a pest control business about credentials, memberships and qualifications they hold, but there are also other aspects you can enquire about. This includes their methods, expertise and rates. You may also want to check if they’ve had experience completing a job like the one you’re requesting, whether it’s dealing with a moth infestation or wasp nest removal.

You should also get a feel for how they operate by asking about their specific pest removal strategy at your property. They may give you a range of options or recommend the best solution for effective and long-lasting results. An experienced pest controller will be able to assess your property to investigate why the pest control issue is happening and how to stop it from recurring in the future, saving you time and money.

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