What are the best ways to get rid of bed bugs?

Pests can cause lots of stress and issues in the home, whether you want to get rid of flies or have a rat problem. However, removing pests is sometimes easier if their presence is obvious day-to-day, but what about those that are hidden, such as bed bugs? Not only are they small in size, but they can survive without blood for over a year, often staying undetected deep within a property.

Do you want to know the best ways to get rid of bed bugs from your home? Here are our top tips for eliminating the issue fast.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Why are bed bug infestations on the rise?

Bed bug infestations are increasing in the UK, especially in urban areas. This is due to increased travel, with the bugs latching onto anything from your luggage to shoes and clothing. They easily spread and rapidly multiply, so you must get on top of a bed bug problem as soon as you notice it.

Bed bugs are also hard to spot, thanks to their 4mm size and how they flatten themselves to appear as thin as possible, hiding in areas such as crevices in bed frames, behind wallpaper and even inside electrical fixtures. It means people fail to spot them until they’ve already spread elsewhere.

Signs you have a bed bug issue

Common signs of bed bug infestations include clustered bites on skin exposed during sleeping hours that turn into itchy welts. You may also notice blood stains on your linen, dark sticky spots on the bed (indicating the presence of bed bug excrement) and a strong sweet odour like almonds. You can see bed bugs, but they’re very tiny and may be colourless, red or brown.

If you’re worried about this type of pest, it’s always best to have a deeper look at your bed first to see if you can spot signs they’ve infested your home, looking around the bed base, covers, mattress and any fabric nearby.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Never attempt to treat a bed bug infestation without professional assistance, as they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. It’s often a process to ensure all the bed bugs are eliminated, using a variety of expert techniques. This may include heat treatments and insecticide sprays around the affected areas.

If you contact a bed bug exterminator, they’ll come out to your property to conduct a detailed risk assessment and pest survey so that they can recommend the best treatments for your circumstances. Several visits are usually required to completely remove the bed bugs from your home and ensure the issue won’t keep recurring if any are missed.

Book a bed bug removal

At Effective Pest Solutions, we’re a bed bug control expert for Surrey, London and the South East. So, if you’ve discovered a bed bug issue at your home in Colliers Wood, Coulsdon or surrounding locations, contact us for more advice.

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