Winter pest control services

Pest control issues can strike all year round, whether it’s indoor mice problems in the colder months or flies in the summer. If you have an infestation, it can be stressful, unsafe and unhygienic, with germs and bacteria spreading easily.

With freezing temperatures upon us, it’s a good idea to consider the types of pest problems property owners can face, preventing access where possible and spotting issues early.

Here’s everything you need to know about winter pest control services.

Winter Pest Control Services

Common UK winter pests

In the winter, many pests hibernate, so safe and warm indoor spaces (i.e., your home or business premises) are the perfect spot to create a cosy nest with food sources nearby. When temperatures drop, insects and animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, flies and cockroaches can all decide your home is the ideal oasis away from the cold.

Signs you have a winter pest issue include holes nibbled in food packets left on worktops or pantries, gnawed wires, scratching noises, grease marks and animal droppings. Looking out for the signs of an infestation can prevent you from suddenly realising you have a problem when spring arrives, such as an established hornet or wasp nest.

How to prevent winter pest problems

For a pest issue to arise, easy access points are key, with pests taking advantage of problems such as gaps in roofing and broken shed panels. Typical nesting places include attics, garages, wall cavities, chimneys, basements and private spots such as unused cupboards. You should also be aware of any insects (like flies) that appear to be rapidly spreading.

During the winter, always check around the inside and outside of your property, looking for potential access points that need blocking or repairing. Even a small crack can offer enough space for a bird, insect or rodent to squeeze through.

You should also consider how access to sustenance can attract pests in the colder months when natural food is often scarce. Keep bins secure, pause outdoor composting, regularly vacuum crumbs from the floor and avoid leaving any foodstuff on surfaces.

Winter pest control solutions

Due to the nature of the problems experienced, hiring a professional pest controller is key to ensure a quick resolution and prevent recurrences. It also keeps you safe during the process, where animals like squirrels can be aggressive if you try to remove them from your attic yourself. You may also have to be careful around pest control issues that involve a protected species by law or whether humane destroying methods must be used.

When using a pest control company, you’ll have the benefit of a knowledgeable, experienced professional with the most effective solutions. They’ll find out why it’s happening, assess your property for access points, remove pests and recommend ways to stop the issue from coming back.

Hire pest controllers all year round

Do you have a winter pest problem? Contact Effective Pest Solutions for advice and support. We have a wide range of pest control services available throughout the South East, covering Morden, New Malden and surrounding areas.

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