Can you stop birds nesting on your roof?

With pest issues coming in all shapes and sizes, the warmer months often see bird control problems increase at properties throughout the UK. If you’re worried about birds nesting on your roof, read our handy guide about what you can do about it.

Are birds nesting on your roof a problem?

While we’re all used to the sound of birds outside, it can become a nuisance. Birds nesting on roofs is sometimes a problem due to the noise created, damage caused to tiles and gutters, and the eyesore of their excrement on your building. They can also attract pests like beetles, fleas and mites. One of the main sources of irritation is seagulls and pigeons, building their nests in sheltered spaces on your roof, such as ledges, eaves and lofts.

Can birds get into your attic?

Unfortunately, many minor roofing issues go unnoticed until it’s too late. If you have a missing tile or small gap in your roofing, this can lead to problems. As well as property leaks and costly roof repairs, another concern is bird infestations. Birds looking for shady areas will take advantage of any openings in your roof, resulting in nests in your attic or loft. Any gap larger than 25mm can be a potential entry point for pigeons.

Can You Stop Birds Nesting On Your Roof

Is it against the law to disturb nesting birds?

If you’re considering a bird nest removal, you must follow legislation outlined in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and seek advice from a professional pest controller. The primary takeaway is that active nests must not be destroyed or damaged, although an authorised, licenced bird control company can take away roof-nesting feral pigeons. Other bird nests can be removed once they’re no longer in use. If you fail to abide by these laws, you could face an unlimited fine or even imprisonment.

What time of year do birds nest in the UK?

Bird nesting season will often depend on the bird species and weather conditions, but most typically nest sometime between the end of February and the start of August. However, it’s best to identify the type of bird to establish when nesting season will end, and you should be aware that some birds have multiple broods that use the same nest. 

What are the best ways to stop birds nesting on your roof?

If your property is prone to bird problems, there are multiple solutions available. When you hire a pest controller, they’ll talk you through safe and trusted prevention methods in line with the latest legislation. One of the most popular solutions is bird wire, often used on flat roofing to stop birds roosting on building ledges. You could also consider solar panel meshing or bird netting to cover roof spaces like eaves and canopies. Bird spikes are another intensive, preventative option, and you can also install humane bird traps if your pest controller uses them to remove birds from properties.

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