What’s the law on removing bird nests?

While birds are an important part of our environment, in some cases, they can be nuisance. This includes birds nesting on roofs and in attics. When they appear in these inconvenient or hazardous locations, questions will often arise. Understanding the legalities surrounding bird nest removal ensures compliance with wildlife protection laws while addressing the concerns of property owners.

Here are the key points everyone should know about the law on removing bird nests.

Whats The Law On Removing Bird Nests

Is it illegal to destroy a bird’s nest in the UK?

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the law in England and Wales protects nesting birds and their eggs. It is illegal to intentionally damage or destroy a bird’s nest while it’s being used or built. The legislation applies to all wild birds, including sparrows and pigeons.

Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines or even imprisonment, emphasising the importance of respecting nesting birds and their habitats. You can learn more about wild bird protection laws on the government website here.

However, there are also general licence rules for killing or taking certain species of wild birds to prevent serious damage to things like livestock, crops, fruit, vegetables and fisheries. If you think your issue falls under these criteria, seek expert advice.

Can you remove a bird nest from your property?

While the law protects nesting birds and their habitats, there are circumstances where bird nest removals may be necessary, such as safety concerns or property maintenance. While the law protects nesting birds, there are exceptions that permit the removal of nests under specific conditions.

If the nest is inactive, meaning it is not currently being used by birds or does not contain eggs or young, it may be legally removed. However, caution must be exercised to ensure no birds are harmed in the process, and it is advisable to consult a bird control professional if considering this option.

What’s the best time to remove bird nests?

Timing is important when removing bird nests so that you don’t interfere with nesting birds and their young while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The best time to remove a nest is during the winter months when birds are less likely to be nesting.

Ask a bird controller to conduct a thorough inspection to make sure the nest is inactive before removal. Additionally, if there are concerns about the presence of nesting birds, seek advice about your options.

Where can you get bird control help?

For property owners facing issues with bird nests or needing bird control measures, various resources are available. Local pest control professionals can provide guidance and support in addressing bird-related concerns.

These experts offer advice on humane methods of bird control, such as deterrents or property modifications to prevent future nesting problems while ensuring compliance with wildlife protection laws.

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