Do you need bird control services?

Many different animals and insects can become a nuisance in and around a property. From ants and flies to rats and bed bugs, some pests can be challenging to get rid of. But what about creatures we see every day, like birds? It can sometimes be hard to recognise when they’ve become a problem and what you can do about it.

Are you considering bird control services? Here’s everything you need to know.

Bird Control Services

Signs birds have become a problem at your property

Birds are an important part of our environment, bringing plants back to ecosystems, transforming landscapes and cycling nutrients, improving our quality of life. However, there are signs they’ve become a nuisance if they roost or nest on your property.

Firstly, nesting birds and their young can be incredibly noisy, disrupting your sleep or the day-to-day life at your building. You may also be experiencing more roof issues, such as blocked gutters (due to feathers, nests and droppings) or damaged solar panels. In extreme cases, bird infestations could even result in chimney fires.

Typical bird species that cause problems include pigeons, gulls, jackdaws and house martins, roosting anywhere from sheltered areas under eaves to inside chimneys. You may have seen them congregating in large numbers or noticed other issues forming, such as bad odours.

Why deter birds from nesting on your roof?

Birds nest on roofs, balconies, window sills, ledges and other sheltered spots in domestic and commercial buildings.

While birds landing on property roofs is a normal part of life, it can cause more significant issues if they decide to nest. Not only can bird droppings and nest materials make a building look unsightly, but faeces can erode brickwork and metal, thanks to their acidic nature. This can shorten the lifespan of your roof, and repairs may be needed over time.

Bird nests can also encourage other pests to inhabit your building if they work their way inside through your roof or windows. This includes beetle and fly infestations. Nesting materials can also block gutters, leading to overflowing drains and property leaks. Signs of birds nesting in chimneys include twigs, grass and leaves in your fire grate.

For commercial premises, bird infestations can even cause a business to violate food safety regulations.

Best pigeon control and bird-proofing solutions

While there are various options for controlling infestations on your roof, it’s always good practice to find a humane approach to bird and pigeon removals. It’s best to use a bird control expert to ensure a long-term, effective solution while avoiding health hazards like bird diseases.

Popular deterrents used by professional pest control companies include installing spiking (to prevent landing), netting (to stop birds from reaching certain areas) and solar panel mesh. You can also ensure birds have no food sources on your roof, which may encourage them to land and roost.

Need more bird control advice? Speak to our experts

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