How to prevent a rodent problem this winter

Rodents are one of the biggest winter pest control problems, although they can strike anytime. Rats don’t hibernate in the colder months, so they’re active throughout the year. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to unwanted house guests, so ensuring you take action to stop rats and mice from entering your property is a must.

Here are our top tips for preventing a rodent problem this winter.

Prevent Rodent Problems

Rodent-proof your property

Even if you’ve successfully dealt with a rat or mouse problem at your property, re-infestation can occur if you don’t take the necessary steps to secure your home. While you may see fewer rodents in the winter, this is the time of year when they seek shelter from the rain and cold while looking for food sources when they’re scarcer outside.

If you’ve had a rodent issue, it’s important to find out why and block any entry points, including holes in your roof, gaps around pipes and windows, and broken shed panels.

Keep gardens clean and tidy

Your outdoor spaces may be encouraging rodents to come near your property, so there are lots of ways to ensure you aren’t inviting them to visit. Keeping your garden tidy and clear also helps eliminate potential nesting sites.

Think about how and where you’re disposing of food waste. Always consider where you store your bins and how secure they are. You might want to avoid using an exposed compost heap during the winter or move towards having sealed composter containers instead. Bird feeders can also be a food source for rodents, so keep them above ground level.

As well as outdoor areas, remember to keep your indoor spaces free of food too. This means regularly vacuuming crumbs and ensuring open packets are sealed properly before placing them in a secure cupboard or pantry. Never leave food out on kitchen surfaces or dining tables.

Use professional pest control services

An expert pest controller will be happy to assess your property and recommend solutions for how to make it more rodent-proof. If you’ve seen any signs of rats and mice in and around your property, it’s important to act fast, as they can cause damage and spread disease if left to their own devices.

When assessing your property, a pest controller will look for anything encouraging rodents towards your garden or home. They’ll also check for possible entry points and can advise you about how to rat-proof your home or business. This may include sealing holes, adding chimney caps, installing brush strips along doorways and storing firewood above ground.

Contact a pest controller now

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