Best pest control tips for mice

There are lots of pests that can cause issues around your property, like insects, birds and rodents. While mice are an important part of our ecosystem, they become a nuisance if they infest homes and businesses. They’re one of the most common pests in the UK, so it’s likely you or someone else you know will have a mouse problem at some point.

Unfortunately, mice can cause a public health issue, such as the spread of Tularaemia and Salmonella, transferring bacteria and dirt around your property as they travel. They can also gnaw through wires, cables and woodwork, so rodent removals are required before they cause too much damage to your property.

Here are our best pest control tips for mice.

Best Pest Control Tips For Mice

1.      Spot the signs of a mouse infestation

The first step in controlling mice infestations is to spot the signs early. This includes mice droppings near food sources, which are small and dark. Stored food may be damaged if the mice reach it in cupboards and pantries.

You may also notice smear marks along surfaces or smell an ammonia-like smell if they’ve urinated around your property. Some people even hear scratching noises if they’ve got underneath your floorboards or behind walls.

Common spots for mice nests include wall cavities, airing cupboards, roofs, underneath floors, sheds and basements where sources of food and warmth are nearby.

2.      Stay vigilant in the winter

Although mice don’t hibernate, infestations are more common in the colder months. While there are more opportunities for rodents to enter your property in the summer due to open windows and doors, mice migrate indoors in the winter, looking for warmer places to nest and find food.

3.      Stop your cats from bringing in mice

One of the ways mice can enter homes is when your beloved cats bring unwanted visitors through the door. While it’s difficult stopping their natural urge to hunt, you can make their job harder.

Measures include fitting a quick-release collar with a bell, tiring your cat out with indoor chase games (e.g., fishing rod toys) and stopping them from going out during dawn and dusk when rodents are more vulnerable.

4.      Ask a professional mouse controller for help

If you have a pest issue at your property, contacting a mouse controller is the best way to get fast results. Choose a pest control company with dedicated mice removal services, using the most effective techniques.

When they visit your property, your pest controller will conduct a thorough survey to diagnose the issue before using methods such as traps or poison to get the problem under control. They should also help you stop mice from returning, rodent-proofing your property with measures such as blocking entry holes.

You can also take action to prevent re-infestations, such as mouse-proofing animal hutches, securing bins and ensuring you don’t throw food on open compost heaps.

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